Henry Livingston
Born March 1, 1764
Died May 23, 1834 in Tennessee

Henry was a Revolutionary War soldier

Son of William Todd Livingston and Sarah Ware
Married (1) Mary Fariss
Mary was killed by Indians in August 1791

Aug 26, 1791. A party of Indians, headed by a Capt. Bench, of the Cherokee tribe, attacked the house of Elisha Ferris two miles from Mockison Gap - murdered Mr. Ferris at his house and made prisoner Mrs. Ferris and her daughter Mrs. Levingstone, and a young child together with Nancy Ferris. All but the latter were cruelly murdered the first day of their captivity.

Additional information regarding the Indian attack

Married (2) Susanna Carmack
Date is uncertain - three different dates have been given:
February 21, 1793
March 21, 1795 in Wythe County, Virginia according to another source
According to the author of the book, Benge, at the time of the Indian attack (April 6, 1794) Susanna and Henry had been married for 3 weeks.

Susanna was born August 1777 in Frederick Co., Maryland
She was 73 in 1850 census for Overton Co., Tenn.
Susanna was captured by Indians (Benge, the same one who killed Henry's first wife, Mary), but she was rescued by the soldiers. Her sister-in-law, Elizabeth (wife of Peter Livingston), was also captured. Henry & Peter's mother, Sarah, was killed by the Indians during this attack.

Benge attacks the Livingston home

Petition to the Governor - April 1794

Children of Henry Livingston and Susanna Carmack

Information from various sources including Bible record of Henry Livingston on file in National Archives (furnished by Becca Sheehan)

Mary Livingston
Born March 13, 1794 in Washington County, Virginia
Note: Need verification on this one - not on list furnished by Becca, which was copied from the Bible record of Henry Livingston. Also, according to the notes from Lawrence Fleenor, Susanna and Henry had only been married for 3 weeks at the time of the Indian attack, which was April 6, 1794.
(1) Polly Livingston
Born March 12, 1795
(2) Catherine Livingston
Born September 10, 1796 in Washington County, Virginia
Died October 5, 1856 in Overton County, Tennessee
Married John Smith (son of George Smith and Charlotte Cooper) about 1814
John was born January 10, 1791 in Virginia and died about 1870 in Overton County, Tennessee
(3) Sarah Livingston
Born February 21, 1798 in Washington County, Virginia
(4) Susannah Livingston
Born December 30, 1799
(5) Thomas Livingston
Born January 31, 1802 in Overton County, Tennessee
Died 1880
(DAR line, War of 1812)
Married Sarah _____
Sarah was born approx. 1800 in North Carolina
Elizabeth Livingston
Celia Livingston
Jesse Livingston
John Livingston
Malissa Livingston
Peyton Livingston
Thomas Elliott Livingston
(6) Peter Livingston
Born August 13, 1805 in Overton County, Tennessee
Died 1878
(7) Nancy Livingston
Born February 19, 1808 in Overton County, Tennessee
(8) James Livingston - born 1810 in Overton Co., Tennessee
Died 1860
Married Tabitha Brown in 1838 in Overton, Tennessee
Tabitha was born about 1820 in Tennessee

Information from various sources including:
Becca Sheehan
"Benge!" by Lawrence J. Fleenor, Jr.
Chris and Robin
Lonnie Smith